How to Get a Surety Bond FAQs

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How do you get a surety bond?

The first thing that needs to be done in order to get a surety bond is to contact an insurance agency that provides such services. The agent will then come over and ask who is the person responsible for securing the bond, what kind of position this person has, and how much coverage will be required by the company. An estimate will be given on how much it cost so as not to waste any time when the applicant is ready to pay.

Keep in mind that if you are looking for a surety bond agent, make sure they are legally permitted to offer such services by the state insurance commission. This will ensure that there is no problem when trying to get your surety bond. As long as all criteria are met and you have an authorized surety bond company, then the process should be fairly quick and easy without any complications whatsoever. 

How long does it take to obtain a surety bond?

Our answer is yes, a surety bond can be obtained within 24 hours in some cases. 

The general rule of thumb when applying for a surety bond is that all paperwork has been completely filled out and submitted correctly before speaking with a representative from the company issuing your surety bond. In order for your application process to run smoothly, we recommend you take your time and look over all the paperwork before speaking with a representative.

If it is within 24 hours and you need to get bonded quickly, we can help! Our sales team will work around the clock to ensure that your application process gets completed quickly and you receive approval in a timely fashion. Getting bonded should be simple; if not, we’re here to help simplify the process for you.

After an agency has taken the application and all required documents, they make two copies of the entire package. The first copy is for their files and the second copy is sent by courier or fax if acceptable to the bonding company chosen by the agency. 

For insurance companies, this file will remain open until closing with no fees unless new information is requested that requires additional processing time. Once received at the bonding company, due diligence begins that details each task within this guide.

Why do you need spouse information?

As far as we know from the outside you will need information on your spouse’s education record from school, college, or university where he has studied, his parents’ names, etc. However, even if all this information is required, what will be the use of the same? It appears that you two are going to get married soon and sometime after marriage when there is a difference of opinion between you both, you may need this information.

In the past, there have been cases wherein a girl married a fellow student going abroad, but after marriage, many discrepancies were discovered regarding his educational qualification and background. 

It is therefore important that all such information should be revealed before marriage itself. In fact for this purpose, it would be better if both of you sign an affidavit declaring the truth about your educational qualifications and family background, etc. Such affidavits are now legally valid documents.

What is a blank surety bond form and where do you get one?

A surety bond is a promise from an insurance company to pay a debt if another party fails to pay. A Blank Surety Bond Form is the legal document prepared by an insurer, which contains all the terms and conditions of a particular bond that must be agreed upon by parties participating in that particular agreement. Once all necessary information has been gathered, this document becomes legally binding for both parties involved.

What are the requirements needed when getting a surety bond?

So, you are looking to get a bonding agency for debt collection purposes. But before getting started it is important to be aware of what the requirements are. As with any company or business, there are many rules and regulations that need to be met before starting up. The same goes for companies offering surety bonds. Many agencies will require you to pass their application process with passing scores in order for them to issue a bond. You can expect things like:

  • Proof of business location (in most cases)
  • Proof of DBA (if required)
  • Copy of MO Business License 
  • UCC (Business and Personal) 
  • Fictitious name filing, if applicable 
  • Federal Tax ID number 
  • Statement of financial condition 
  • Personal Financial Statement 
  • Income Tax Returns for last two years, if Required. If not required, must have completed equivalent form from the surety of choice to cover three years. 
  • Proof of your authority to enter into contracts between the debtor and customer (if applicable). In other cases, a copy of your state business registration certificate will be sufficient.

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